CZ Scorpion EVO 3 Stock Upgrades

CZ Scorpion EVO 3s equipped with improved front and rear sights or red-dot sights can significantly increase accuracy and target acquisition speed, providing shooters who prioritize performance advantage in target acquisition speed and accuracy. Such features also increase their value and desirability among shooters who prioritize performance.

Documents such as test targets and proof of purchase provide additional context for the gun, increasing its market value but possibly not directly impacting price.


There is an array of foregrips designed to upgrade your rifle. Some are created specifically to accommodate bipods, while others provide cutouts for pressure switches. Selecting the most suitable grip depends on your shooting style and comfort – an angled foregrip may offer better control than its straight counterpart, for example, if you have large hands.

Vertical Foregrips (VFGs), also referred to as broomstick grips, allow shooters to maintain pressure with their support hand so as to respond to recoil and stabilize shooting positions quickly.

Kinesthetic Angled Grips (KAGs), developed by BCM in collaboration with Travis Haley, offer another form of foregrip. Easily attached at the base of your handguard, these small grips allow users to cup their backhand, relieving some of the bindings that occur when raising weapons. Lightweight, comfortable, and straightforward installation make this an excellent addition.

When selecting a foregrip, the design must be both durable and functional. There are numerous shapes, sizes, finishes, and materials to choose from when shopping for one – these could range from robust polymer to fortified aluminum – as well as weight. Weight can throw off the balance of your firearm, so weight distribution should also be taken into consideration; your ideal grip should match both the color scheme and aesthetic preferences of your rifle – some models even feature built-in cable management systems to keep the wires organized neatly – for instance, the Tyrant Designs MOD V2 grip comes in five colors to fit both M-Lok and Keymod rail systems while being designed and manufactured here in Chicago with lifetime warranties attached!

Custom Finishes

Gun owners looking to personalize their Scorpion EVO 3 can take advantage of various custom finishes, which allow shooters to express themselves visually through color variations. Though these customizations don’t affect core functionality, they can enhance the aesthetics and value of the firearm.

The “Two-Tone” finish, for instance, features a striking black frame with colored accents to set it apart from standard models. A favorite among enthusiasts looking to make a statement with their weapon. In addition to its appealing visuals and an assortment of customization options such as hydro dipping or laser engraving.

Vertical or angled foregrips are also highly recommended when it comes to the Scorpion EVO 3, as these grips provide a secure platform for supporting hands, helping mitigate recoil and enhance shooting control. Furthermore, these options make the gun suitable for close quarters or limited space use.

Flat Dark Earth” finish for the CZ Scorpion EVO 3 offers another attractive option, providing camouflage and concealment when used outdoors. Magpul Furniture and Accessories – known for producing premium firearm components – add even further enhancement to the performance and ergonomics of this particular edition model of Scorpion EVO 3.

B&T MP5-style stocks are another popular addition for the CZ Scorpion EVO 3 and 3+. This polymer adapter fits snugly over its stock, securely attaching to its mounting block while friction locking closed position for deployment and firing without interfering with its ejection port.

Original Accessories

CZ USA recently unveiled their version of the Czech-made buttstock used on their submachine gun Scorps since 2010 as standard equipment on their Scorpion EVO pistol, which uses hinges with half moon style latching and release buttons, and locks securely when deployed, locking with an audible click when closed and length of pull adjustment being simple squeezing lever in front of recoil pad to adjust size of pull length in or out.

The stock fits seamlessly onto the pistol and looks fantastic, matching up perfectly in terms of aesthetics. Made of the same stiff, thick polymer as its counterpart in terms of rigidity and weight, a lightweight collapsible feature is also included.

AGP Arms offers an AGP Arms Scorpion SBR Conversion Stock kit made in America that’s essential to turning your Scorpion into an SBR, featuring their anodized receiver block, stock with all necessary hardware – including Quick Disconnect socket for use with sling mount and 1″ butt pad – making installation of their stock easy without modifications to your pistol and is covered by their lifetime warranty.

Arizona Exclusive

CZ Scorpion folding stocks for sale online can add an unprecedented level of precision to your blowback-operated semi-automatic rifle. Unlike braces or AR-15 stores, this aftermarket upgrade was explicitly created for use with the Scorpion EVO and made of high-strength polymer that will withstand rough handling without compromising maneuverability or on-target accuracy. Omaha Outdoors stocks come in both 9-inch length collapsed and 11-inch length extended versions to meet any shooting situation or shooting environment requirements.

Special edition CZ Scorpion models add both uniqueness and collectability to this popular firearm platform. From battle-weary “Battleworn Grey” variants to Arizona Exclusive versions, limited production variants have a distinct appeal that may increase the market value of your gun.

Ceska Zbrojovka of the Czech Republic designed and manufactured the Scorpion as a lightweight, compact submachine gun using a closed bolt system to fire rounds from one chamber. This weapon can be operated either in full auto mode, selective fire mode, or three-round burst mode with 20 or 30-round magazines feeding it. An ambidextrous fire mode selector above its pistol grip can switch between safe, semiautomatic, and 3-round burst modes as needed.

The CZ Scorpion’s versatility makes it a favorite among law enforcement and military units around the world, from police departments to armies. Not only can its military-inspired variants provide adequate force protection, but compact and maneuverable models make this gun ideal for home defense or other tactical situations. As new model configurations and features continue to emerge, so will CZ’s Scorpion evolve to meet shooters worldwide’s demands – understanding which features make each variant worthwhile when shopping around for guns like this.

Original Box

Reptilia has developed the LINK stock adapter, which seamlessly links your CZ Scorpion EVO 3 S1 pistol with Magpul’s Zhukov folding stock for improved ergonomics and user convenience.

The LINK features an all-anodized aluminum design that takes advantage of the QD mount on the Scorpion receiver’s rear. Its hinge structure is rock solid, featuring a push-button latch with satisfying click and locking into place when collapsed or extended fully deployed; collapsible length: just over three inches when collapsed and almost twelve when fully deployed; can be fired while folded closed – will not interfere with ejection port when firing!

The LINK is manufactured in the US and comes with a lifetime warranty against manufacturer defects, making it an excellent choice for anyone seeking to upgrade their Scorpion with a folding stock. Plus, its weight and compactness make it feel more like its intended SBR version! Plus, it is all ATF legal if done through an approved Form 1. GrabAGun offers this product through their selection process of FFL dealers, who can take care of this process on your behalf.