Choosing Wall Hangings For Living Rooms

When you’re choosing wall hangings for your living room, you can use a variety of styles. You can choose from Metal sculptures, Mirrors, Tapestries, and Wooden art. These wall hangings will add character and visual interest to your living room. Besides, you can change the hangings from time to time.

Wooden wall hangings

Wooden wall hangings are a fantastic way to spruce up your living room decor. Whether you’re decorating a bedroom, living room, or kids’ room, there are some amazing designs to choose from. Whether you’re looking for a classic or contemporary style, these unique accents are a great way to add a touch of rustic charm to your home.

Whether you’re decorating a country-themed living room or a cozy abode, wood panels on a wall can add a playful touch. If you’re handy with tools, try a DIY project with painted panels or pick up a ready-made canvas online. Wall shelves are also perfect for displaying art. Framed abstract drawings or simple poetic messages make great additions to a living room. If you’re a keen gardener, add succulents or other plants to the walls. A plant wall is beautiful and can also help the air in the room.

Metal sculptures

Metal wall sculptures can be an attractive way to add art to your room. They can come in various styles, from geometric to abstract to animal sculptures. They also go well with modern or minimalist decor and can easily be added to the walls of your living room or bedroom. While many metals make suitable wall hangings, some metal wall art will complement specific room styles better than others.

These decorative metal wall sculptures are durable and made of high-quality materials. They do not require much maintenance and can add flair to your room. These beautiful pieces are perfect for contemporary and traditional style homes.


Tapestries for the living room are an excellent choice to give your room a unique, elegant look. You can purchase a ready-made tapestry or design a custom one. These wall hangings will add elegance and fun chaos to your living space. They are available in a variety of designs and colors and are available online.

Tapestries are easy to hang and add color and warmth to your room. They are also cheaper than framed art. They are ideal for turning on an accent wall. Just make sure you choose the right size and style. You can also hang them behind large pieces of furniture.


Mirrors are an excellent option for wall decor in your living room. A large mirror can make a small space feel larger. Adding lighting can make the artwork stand out and make your living room feel more refined. There are many choices for wall hangings, but mirrors can be an easy way to enhance the look of your living room.

If you are looking for a more modern, stylish way to hang a mirror, you can opt for a hexagonal framed mirror. This piece can be hung vertically or horizontally and comes in various styles. Another option is the Sunburst Style Set Of 3 Decorative Wall Mirrors. These are available in multiple types, including those with LED lighting. Polygonal Wooden Decorative Mirrors are another stylish choice. These come in various sizes and colors.


Plant hangings are an excellent choice if you’d like to add greenery to your living room. They add color and life to an otherwise white room. These hanging plants come in many styles and can be displayed uniquely. To dress up these hanging plants, consider adding frames and lights.

The perfect plant for a living room depends on the overall theme of the space. If you’re trying to create a soothing environment, choose plants with cool blue and green tones. If you’re trying to develop energizing decor, choose brightly colored plants and put them in vases in bolder hues. Another option is to use bud vases, which are ideal for propagating plants. You can even use clippings for decorative purposes while the plants are growing.

Feature wall ideas

Using a feature wall in your living room is an excellent way to bring visual interest to the room and can help give your living room a sense of direction and focus. However, before you decide to decorate your feature wall, you should first consider the layout of your room and its other furnishings. In addition, you should make sure to avoid placing the feature wall too close to a window to prevent it from appearing too busy.

Feature walls aren’t just painted walls – you can use wallpaper, patterned walls, or even a personal piece of artwork to make a feature wall. You can choose a bold pattern that stands out and accentuates the room’s focal point or go for subtle ways. You can also incorporate wall lights and art to make your feature wall a real talking point.