Choosing Plants For Front of House

Choosing the right plants for the front of your house depends on your tastes and the climate of your area. Sunflowers are big and bright and are ideal plants for the front of your home. However, if you’re growing in a zone with a lot of sun, sunflowers are not suitable for the front of your house. Instead, choose a different type of plant, such as the clematis.


Roses are a great choice if you want to make your front yard beautiful and lush. They are long-lived, beautiful, and often fragrant. Some varieties can grow over fences or a pergola.


Boxwoods are excellent plants for the front of your home. They have glossy oval leaves and are easy to prune. They grow well in all kinds of soil and thrive in pots or on the ground.


Azaleas are an excellent choice for the front of your home, as they come in various color options. You can choose white, salmon, pink, purple, and mauve, among many other hues. They also come in pale shades of yellow and orange.


Consider hydrangeas if you want a beautiful flowering plant for the front of your house. These beautiful shrubs will bloom in the spring and early summer, with some varieties blooming all year long. They are also drought tolerant and hardy in USDA zones three through nine.

English ivy

When choosing English ivy plants for the front of your house, you’ll want to consider how to care for them properly. Although they don’t require much feeding, you’ll want to keep in mind that you might want to add a bit of fertilizer every spring and summer to encourage growth. It’s also essential to avoid fertilizing during winter when the vines are dormant.

Climbing roses

Climbing roses can grow in a variety of locations. If planted in front of your house, they can compete with other plants in the area, so it’s essential to select a spot that will allow them to grow freely. Climbing roses are best planted in pots at least 18 inches across and 50 cm deep. To grow properly, they require regular feeding and watering.


Shrubs for the front of the house provide a welcoming entrance and add value to your home. Wide varieties of shrubs are available in the market. Proper planning and selection can create a perfect landscape.


Grasses for the front of your house can be a good choice if you want to add a nice touch to your front yard. You can choose to have a clump of grasses lining your walkway and front door, or you can select an annual or marginally hardy perennial.