Best Sweet Shops in Fort Worth

If you’re a die-hard sweets fan, you’ll be happy to know that Fort Worth has many places specializing in desserts.

Some of these spots even offer dairy-free, gluten-free, and sugar-free options. So whether you’re looking for a classic or a spooky twist, there’s something for everyone here.

1. Melt Ice Creams

Melt Ice Cream is a craft ice cream shop that uses local and seasonal produce to create a tasty treat. They serve unique flavors that rotate with the seasons, such as berry basil and velvet chocolate vegan.

The bright and cheery ice cream parlor is a bit on the small side, but it’s worth a trip to its Near Southside location for the creative flavor combos and vegan options. The must-try is Salt Lick, a rich, salted caramel ice cream that’s so creamy you might need to go for two scoops to get the full effect.

Melt Ice Cream is also a great place to pick up a chocolate custard, rocky road, and a refreshing chocolate frappe after a long walk around Sundance Square. They have a couple of fun ice cream-related games for kids, including a candy bar dispenser with a few surprises to offer, and the staff is pleasant enough to make it a swell experience for all.

2. Hans Muller Bakery

The Black Forest cake at Hans Muller Bakery is one of Fort Worth’s most iconic desserts. It’s a chocolate-almond-whipped-cream “crunchy cake” made with Swiss ingredients and topped with gourmet chocolate shavings, sweetened whipped cream, and crisp layers of meringue.

For over 45 years, it has been a staple in the city’s food scene. The bakery also sells a variety of pies, including lemon, key lime, cherry, peach, apple, banana, and pumpkin pies.

In addition to baking, the bakery also offers breakfast and lunch. You can order apricot, cinnamon, raspberry, cream cheese, honey pecan sweet rolls, and Texas turnovers with jalapeno or ham. You can also order coffee cakes and scones.

3. Sweet Lucy’s

A Texas pie company rolling out its flaky crusts to Fort Worth and the DFW area since 2014, Sweet Lucy’s specializes in specialty made-to-order sweet & savory pies using local ingredients that change with each season. Owner Lindsey Lawing creates her pies by hand and has a “menu set by the seasons,” including apple, pumpkin, pecan & fresh Texas berries in her fall menu and a spring selection of locally grown peaches, honey, homegrown tomatoes, and eggs.

The Fort Worth Food and Wine Festival has been a big help for Lawing’s business. The events have helped her get her name out in the community, meet people and boost her confidence. In addition, she’s been able to make connections with chefs and mentorships that have helped her grow her business.

5. Tropical Treasures

If you’re looking for a unique souvenir from your trip to the Fort Worth Zoo, head over to Tropical Treasures. This quaint little gift shop carries many items, from hats, coffee mugs, and T-shirts to stuffed animals, animal masks, and decorative souvenirs. They also sell Safari Splash-approved water toys, sunscreen, and towels. If you don’t have anything to wear or don’t want to purchase a souvenir, you can find chairs to sit and relax at the Tropical Treasures Shop or purchase a coke at Safari Snacks. If you’re a zoo member, your ticket includes 10% off merchandise. This is a great place to buy something as a gift for yourself or someone special! And remember to take home some lettuce leaves for our giraffes!