Best Horror Movies Streaming

Dim the lights, grab some popcorn, and prepare to be scared out of your wits by these terrifying horror movie streaming options! Prepare yourself to experience something alarming that will frighten, alarm, and unnerve you like nothing else.

Psychological thrillers, movies about witches or vampires, or movies exploring tech addiction gone wrong, these chillers provide plenty of material.

In the Mouth of Madness

John Carpenter’s classic is an absolute must for horror enthusiasts and stands out as an unconventional thriller, not your typical low-budget special effects flick. While most other horror flicks rely heavily on visual scares to produce shocks, John Carpenter’s film draws more on psychological terror to keep audiences on edge – featuring fast-motion in-camera effects with hallucinatory body-horror thrills to keep audiences gripped throughout its run time.

One of the greatest underrated horror films ever made, In the Mouth of Madness is an exciting psychological thriller with equal parts horror, sci-fi, and mystery elements. It follows an insurance investigator as he loses grip of reality while investigating an author whose books turn his readers into murderous fanatics.

Sam Neill shines as John Trent in this movie’s powerful script and acting performances; its vivid atmosphere– from its creepy carnival setting to its creepy sleepwalker — will leave audiences breathless. In the Mouth of Madness is guaranteed to give viewers chills.

John Carpenter once again excels with this film that blends elements of sci-fi, horror, and fantasy into an excellent cinematic experience. Except for some slow moments near its conclusion, New Nightmare provides nonstop thrills that’ll have audiences on edge! Additionally, New Nightmare is an entertaining satire of the horror film genre: it pokes fun at horror tropes while exploring fans’ obsession with their favorite flicks.

Though not as enjoyable as its predecessor, The Dark Tower II: Part Two remains an entertaining thriller with surprising twists and dark themes. Alongside stunning visuals and dark themes, the movie also boasts impressive writing – its unique take on evil shows how most people succumb to their weaknesses while a select few with strong virtues become good. Phil Tippett provided exceptional stop-motion work. Available for streaming and digital purchase through Shudder and AMC+ as well as iTunes and Amazon.


The horror genre has something for everyone – from psychological terror to classic jump scares – and Netflix and other streaming services have much to offer horror fans this season, from Ari Aster’s haunted house series Midsommar and Jordan Peele’s social commentary to modern horror films such as Us. Not to mention all the classic, new release, and made-for-Netflix films covering everything from tech addiction witches to violent slashers!

Finding great horror streaming films can be challenging when juggling multiple subscriptions (Netflix is an ideal option for fans of the genre who don’t wish to pay for Amazon Prime’s entire library), but Netflix makes finding great horror flicks easier than ever; its collection features thrillers with suspenseful drama as well as gory horror tropes to get your blood pumping or send shudders down your spine!

Though not as intense or iconic as In the Mouth of Madness or The Shining, this 2016 movie still effectively keeps viewers on edge. It follows a woman who becomes paranoid after visiting a cemetery due to an odd man following her home and forcing her into locking herself inside her home in response. Its simple but effective premise builds tension effectively as we watch her become increasingly paranoid as time progresses.

This movie boasts an outstanding supporting cast that includes Teresa Palmer, Jeremy Davies, and David Morrissey; its score by composer John Murphy adds a creepiness factor that should satisfy horror movie enthusiasts. Anyone seeking terrifying horror entertainment should watch this film!

Cronos is an outstanding horror flick that explores an antique dealer who discovers a device that turns people into vampires, featuring Timothy Olyphant and Guillermo del Toro (at an impressively young age) as actors. It’s an absolute classic that will remain with viewers long after seeing it!

Jacob’s Ladder

Jacob’s Ladder (1990) was a groundbreaking horror movie at its time for its thoughtful exploration of posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD). The film follows Vietnam War veteran Jacob Singer, who experiences hallucinations that make him question his sanity. Jacob is haunted by memories of Gabe Singer (Macaulay Culkin) being killed in battle and by the recent loss of his son; all these factors leave Jacob confused as to what is real or not, making him one of the more compelling main characters ever seen as audiences get to understand him more intimately than before!

Michael Ealy stars as Jacob Singer, a trauma surgeon suffering from nightmares and visions after returning from Afghanistan. While searching for his brother (missing in action), he discovers that some individuals he met during the war may have used drugs to prevent their memory from being erased; one such individual attempted to take control of Jacob Singer’s life using drugs. This remake features some excellent acting from Michael Ealy and Jesse Williams, who lend great performances as leads.

This movie is the perfect one to share with friends or family, as it contains plenty of psychological horror elements that will keep you on edge. Furthermore, it shows the importance of helping those in need and giving back to your community, also acting as a reminder to remain true to yourself and keep striving to achieve your dreams.

The original version of this movie provides some scary scares but lacks the same level of depth found in its remake. It seems a more typical horror movie and lacks that distinctive interior quality found in its predecessor. While its remake features better acting and is more modern than its original, neither version can live up to what made them such great films in awards contention – so watch both for your enjoyment!

The Convent

A group of teens decide to break into an old convent as part of a college prank, only to discover something much darker inside than they anticipated. The Convent stars a lesbian nun waging holy war against corrupt clergy and vicious bike gangs that have drugged and prostituted her – an example of a horror film using its religious themes to significant effect while creating tension through a well-written script.

Paul Hyett (Howl), co-writer Conal Palmer, and Persephone star in this new adaptation by Paul Hyett of an 18th-century story of witchcraft-accused Persephone who is sent to a convent instead of being burned at the stake to repent of her sins – though when her crimes continue, she begins experiencing terrifying visions that only become stronger as time progresses.

After seeing The Convent’s trailer, many were excited about watching it. With an intriguing premise and exciting scenes promised in its trailer, many anticipated an intense viewing experience. Unfortunately, however, The Convent fails to maintain this level of intensity throughout. While its beginning starts strong, as time progresses, it quickly loses steam; jump scares become ineffective while gore is used beyond credibility, resulting in nonsensical gore effects and dull jump scares that don’t scare anyone.

The Convent is an intense horror flick filled with bloodshed and over-the-top gore, yet it fails to live up to expectations in terms of entertainment value. Though it does deliver some thrills, The Convent remains nothing special as it attempts to be something more than it is; simply following its formula might work better.