Best Dermatatogists in Kanpur

Dermatologists are medical specialists who diagnose and treat skin, hair, and nail conditions. Additionally, they may provide cosmetic solutions such as acne treatment, aging concerns, and scars.

Dermatologists in Kanpur offer the perfect solution for those suffering from skin disorders or wanting to revitalize their appearance. Find the top dermatologists near you and book an appointment online quickly and easily!

Dr. Ratnesh Prabhakar

Dermatologists are medical professionals trained in treating skin, hair, and nails. They specialize in skin cancer, warts, cosmetic filler injections for birthmarks or skin disorders, tattoo removal, and acne.

Today, dermatological issues affect people of all ages and socioeconomic levels. Psoriasis, for instance, is the most widespread skin disease affecting millions worldwide.

To assist you in selecting the ideal dermatologist for your requirements, here is a list of the top doctors around Kanpur. All have an impressive records and come highly recommended by their peers.

Dr. Sudhir Sharma

Dr. Sudhir Sharma is one of Kanpur’s premier dermatologists, boasting 16 years of expertise in this area.

He is currently practicing at Aastha Clinic, Kakadeo, Kanpur. The doctor holds both an MBBS and MD (Skin).

The doctor is highly experienced and qualified to treat primary and minor skin diseases. His treatments range from anti-aging, chemical peel, standard skin condition, Eximo disease, fractional laser, etc.

He is a member of the Indian Association of Dermatologists, Venereologists, and Leprologists (IADVL). You can consult him by making an appointment and paying the consultation fee of Rs. 200; however, please be aware that actual charges may vary.

Dr. Pravina Patel

Dermatologists possess advanced training in diagnosing, treating, and preventing skin conditions. They often become involved when patients’ skin, hair, or nail issues cause them to lose self-confidence or cause distress that interferes with their daily lives.

Doctors use various diagnostic tests to identify the source of a condition and create an individualized treatment plan. These may include blood work, epidermal biopsies, pharmaceutical treatments, topical therapies, and cosmetic procedures.

Dr. Pravina Patel is one of the top dermatologists in Kanpur, boasting seven years of expertise and affiliation with multiple hospitals.

Dr. Mamta Bhura

Dr. Mamta Bhura is one of the premier dermatologists in Kanpur and an active member of the Indian Medical Association, Indian Association of Dermatologists, Venereologists, and Leprologists (IADVL), and Cosmetology Society of India (CDSI). She holds a master’s degree from the prestigious Indian Institute of Technology.

She has been a practicing dermatologist for over 15 years, with expertise in laser surgery, acne/pimples treatment, dermabrasion, and scar removal. At Skin Mantraa in Swaroop Nagar, Kanpur, she offers online consultation services as part of her mission to make healthcare more accessible to everyone. With an excellent reputation for providing long-lasting results to her patients, the clinic specializes in all aspects of skin and hair care with highly trained professionals dedicated to providing their clients with the highest level of service possible.

Dr. Minoo Singh

Dr. Minoo Singh is one of the premier dermatologists in Kanpur and currently practices at Vanity Aesthetic And Anti-Age Clinic in Kakadeo, Kanpur. With over 33 years of expertise, he is considered an expert in his field.

He provides a wide range of services, including IVF (In Vitro Fertilisation), IUI (Intrauterine Insemination), and other Artificial Reproductive Techniques; Maternity related matters like Ante-Natal Care, Normal Delivery, or C-Section for high-risk pregnancy care; Periods-related problems like PCOD or PMS, no periods or irregular periods; Uterus related issues like fibroids, polyps, and ovarian cyst removal.

He is an experienced gynecologist with excellent training, having handled many complex cases successfully with success rates of up to 88%. His primary services include adolescent gynecological issues, amenorrhoea treatment, care contraception advice, colposcopy examination test, and ensuring system procedure.