Best Boxing Games For the PlayStation 5

Sports video games typically focus on football and wrestling; boxing’s popularity fluctuated – until recently, fans could choose from only a small selection of titles with traditional controls.

With Undisputed and ESBC (formerly eSports Boxing Club) coming soon, fans have much to look forward to on PS5. Here are some of the best boxing games on PS5.

Fight Night Champion

EA Sports’ Fight Night series hasn’t always been without issues, but the latest entry, Champion, is an enjoyable and worthwhile game that is worth your time. Though not as in-depth as previous titles in the franchise, Champion brings new elements, like an excellent career mode and a wide array of current and legendary boxers, to fight alongside a revamped physics engine that provides impressive punching action.

While the controls for leaning, blocking, and clinching may be stiff at first, they’re easily accessible and intuitive – and best of all, each fight inspires real engagement thanks to its outrageously detailed avatars; skin shakes with each strike while blood pools or congeals depending on damage taken.

Fight Night Champion also boasts an improved RPG element, enabling you to level up your character’s abilities and watch their effects in the ring. At level six, for instance, some punches will have the potential to stun opponents temporarily; other levels increase the speed of combination throw and damage caused per blow, making Fight Night Champion one of the more engaging entries in its series.

Knockout City

Knockout City transforms every gym teacher’s favorite activity into an intense and fast-paced tournament. Created by Velan Studios and published by EA under their EA Originals label, this team-based brawler stands out among many repetitive games that lack visual flair. Boasting vibrant presentations with multiple gameplay modes ranging from arcadey fun to competitive slugfests – Knockout City hits all of its marks while providing surprising depth underneath its rubber projectiles.

Customizable characters and crews allow players to express themselves, and even though this game is team-based, it encourages individuality. You can run, double-jump, and glide as basic moves while adding three types of throws (one type can even curl into a ball for one-hit knockouts), passing balls between teammates (essential for teamwork), or playing in free-for-all mode with friends; rewards await crew-based victories!

Knockout City features native 4K at 60 frames per second on PS5 and Xbox Series X thanks to enhanced backward compatibility, though the studio has yet to reveal any additional next-gen specific features for this title.

Olympic Games Tokyo 2020

As any skilled fighter knows, watching professional boxers battle it out in a ring is thrilling, and the best PS5 boxing games provide immersive experiences where players punch themselves. VR functionality adds extra realism and immersiveness; these games can even serve as exercise while having fun! Additionally, using these games to engage your body while having fun can be a form of therapy and keep players fit simultaneously!

Big Rumble Boxing provides an enjoyable arcade-style boxing game experience on PS5, featuring local multiplayer. Its RUMBLE mechanic allows for powerful blows by filling up a meter while fighting. Another choice for PlayStation 5 boxing gamers is the Tokyo Olympics videogame, which covers various sports – boxing included!

Rise to Glory offers a more realistic boxing experience than most games on the market, featuring cutting-edge footwork based on research from champion boxers to recreate hyper-realistic mannerisms and movement and an injury system that displays your character’s bruises in real-time. Furthermore, its career mode enables players to manage their boxer’s schedule, decide when an injured fighter must rest up, and order a program or rest an injured one as needed.

Undisputed, formerly Esports Boxing Club, is an impressive boxing game set to hit PlayStation5 later this year. Featuring stars like Muhammad Ali and Tyson Fury as licensed fighters and its groundbreaking gameplay elements – Undisputed should become an essential addition for fans of boxing alike!


Undisputed is an authentic boxing experience since 2011, featuring cutting-edge footwork mechanics, over 60 punches, and 14 unique fight venues. Additionally, Undisputed features an impressive roster of 50 licensed fighters from throughout boxing’s history, including Joe Frazier and Sugar Ray Robinson.

Alongside these impressive features, this game offers a groundbreaking new movement system called loose movement, enabling players to control their characters more naturally and realistically than other fighting games. This gives players more naturalistic movement while remaining connected with their personality through physics-driven interactions such as slip punches, feinting moves, or trapping opponents.

Undisputed may surprise fans of other boxing games with its use of mocap for every character, adding an authentic level of realism and personality often lacking in modern fighting titles. Furthermore, Undisputed offers a detailed career mode and a character creator that lets players customize both male and female boxers.

While still in Early Access, Steel City Interactive’s game has already shown promise despite some early issues and bugs. They have improved the damage/health system to help avoid body uppercut spam, as well as working to address other problems like online stability and eliminating cheaters.