Best Books by Elise Hilderbrand

Winter in Paradise transports readers to the lush tropics, where you’ll become immersed in family drama and beach escapism. An excellent read for New Year’s Eve or any winter day!

Elin Hilderbrand has an incredible ability to craft engaging stories that keep readers guessing throughout her novels, keeping the reader guessing with each new turn she adds to them. Her tales start happy but quickly spiral into problems for her characters.

The Perfect Couple

Hilderbrand takes us on an engaging adventure through Nantucket, where Celeste and Benji meet each other for the first time, becoming quickly attracted to each other despite their modest means. They begin planning an elaborate wedding ceremony, only for their maid-of-honor to turn dead just days before the big day arrives.

Everyone begins to suspect it was murder. Hilderbrand’s best novels often feature plenty of family drama; this novel stands out as particularly intense and suspenseful.

Hilderbrand’s debut as a murder mystery author does not disappoint! Perfect for anyone who enjoys suspenseful thrillers, this novel includes many beloved characters from previous books like Castaways, Summer Affair, and Beautiful Day.

As is always the case with Hilderbrand’s characters, they are vivid and relatable. She has an unparalleled talent for crafting intricate plotlines with interconnecting issues for her characters to solve, which makes reading her books such a delight – this is particularly evident among her women, who constantly feel full-bodied and relatable.

Reading can provide an escape into another world and take your mind off of all of life’s stress and tensions. Furthermore, books serve as an essential reminder that no matter how dire life may seem, there is always hope, and you should never stop believing in yourself and others.

Hilderbrand’s latest novel is a New York Times bestseller! It follows Vivian Howe, an accomplished author who tragically passed away while jogging near her Nantucket home. After her passing, her family struggles to accept their loss but ultimately learns to love again.

Elin Hilderbrand fans, take note! This riveting read will keep you reading all summer. You will quickly fall in love with these characters and want to spend every second on Nantucket with them.

The Blue Bistro

Adrienne Dealey was instantly charmed by Nantucket when she arrived looking for seasonal work and found employment at the upscale Blue Bistro owned by Thatcher Smith. Even without prior restaurant experience, she quickly made an impactful impression on him with her natural good looks, learning all aspects of restaurant management from Thatcher.

Adrienne enjoys the food and ambiance at Blue Bistro but is dismayed to learn it is in its final season on Nantucket. She hopes Thatcher can turn it around but soon learns he is not as dedicated.

As summer continues, Adrienne finds herself increasingly frustrated in her relationship with Thatcher and increasingly drawn towards Fiona Kemp, the talented chef at her restaurant. Adrienne believes Fiona could become a star on Cooking Channel, yet she prefers staying behind the scenes most of the time; Adrienne also thinks Fiona would defeat Adrienne in any charisma contest!

Hilderbrand does an exceptional job crafting an engaging cast of characters in her novel Adrienne’s Story, from supporting players to Adrienne herself. While written from Adrienne’s POV alone, this does not diminish its relevance in telling a compelling narrative storyline with sensual and heartfelt love triangles that Hilderbrand masterfully weaves.

The Perfect Wedding

Hilderbrand returns to Nantucket in her newest novel, telling a wedding tale with complications, twists, and turns that keep readers guessing until the very last page. Hilderbrand’s trademark blend of romance, humor, and drama make this another must-read book!

The Perfect Wedding is set during Nantucket’s most celebrated season and follows Celeste Otis as she marries Benji Greer, the son of wealthy local family members. Their nuptials seem destined to become the wedding of the year until Celeste’s maid of honor, Merritt is found dead the morning of their big day – flashbacks reveal that this meek daughter-next-door zoo worker had an affair with Benji’s older brother and even became pregnant by him at one point.

Hilderbrand has written an outstanding summer read that will leave you wanting to sit back on a beach chair with a refreshing beverage and unwind from start to finish. She is masterful at spinning tales that keep readers hooked from start to finish!

This installment in the 28 Summers series introduces us to new and familiar characters. Told in alternating chapters by both daughters of the central couple, these chapters give a window into their complex relationships with one another and their father – providing insight into sibling rivalry and redemption in this poignant tale of family life.

Hilderbrand’s novels are essential reading for beachgoers looking for an entertaining read. Her stories combine romance, drama, and mystery set against Nantucket’s stunning beaches – providing an opportunity to escape into another world for a few hours at least!

The Island

It is a delightful novel of love, family, and mystery. The Island tells the tale of four women; two sets of sisters and their mother – spending a month at Tuckernuck Island off Nantucket at their beach house to find healing and rebirth during that month. As each storyline is told from different women’s perspectives, it sometimes shifts in its narrative flow.

Birdie Cousins had meticulously planned her daughter Chess’ wedding, from choosing the floating dance floor in her backyard to selecting cocktail napkins with vibrant hues – but even she couldn’t anticipate receiving a late-night phone call from Chess informing her she had called off the big day.

Chess and Tate try to recover from their failed engagement following the accidental death of their ex-fiance. Birdie and India must face their battles as well.

Elin Hilderbrand has become the queen of summer fiction with her eighth novel. Her vivid descriptions of Tuckernuck Island will make you long to spend an idyllic summer surrounded by good friends. A tale of family and romance, this novel shows how some histories tend to repeat themselves until someone finally takes the initiative and courage to break out from its grip – an intriguing ninth book by an expert storyteller!