Aspen Dental Hours of Operation

Whether you are planning on visiting a dentist in Aspen, Colorado, or are simply looking to find out about their hours of operation, there are some things you will want to know. These things will help you avoid disappointment or wasting your time.

Denture money-back guarantee

Whether you are looking for a new dentist or are a new patient, Aspen Dental offers affordable, quality dental care. With over 350 offices in 22 states, Aspen Dental is the most significant dental practice network in the United States. They also offer a money-back guarantee on dentures.

Aspen Dental practices offer comprehensive exams and a denture money-back guarantee. They also provide free X-rays for patients without insurance. In addition, during the first visit, they offer a detailed estimate of the cost of treatment.

The Aspen Dental website lists all the services and exceptional pricing they offer. They are committed to making dental care more affordable for people who cannot afford the dentist. They accept most insurance providers. They also have special pricing on dentures. They are open on weekdays and select Saturdays.

X-rays show no cavities.

X-rays at Aspen Dental hours of operation showed no cavities. But the company is under fire for other practices. The Center for Public Integrity spent months researching the company.

The practice says a comprehensive examination is required of all new patients. It also offers special dental deals, including discounts and flexible payment plans. It accepts most insurance plans. During a visit to an Aspen Dental office, you may have a consultation with the practice’s office manager.

There are many types of X-rays. Some are designed to show fractures or tooth loss. Others are designed to monitor the development of an arch of teeth.

A periapical X-ray shows the entire tooth, while occlusal X-rays track the tooth’s growth. Occasionally, a dark spot corresponds to a cavity. If left untreated, it can lead to even more significant problems.

The treatment plan is a sales tactic to maximize revenue for each new patient.

Besides providing affordable dental care, Aspen Dental makes the process easier by offering no-interest financing on dental procedures. It also uses SEO and social media to spread the word about its services.

The best part is that Aspen Dental’s promotional material is simple and compelling. For example, the company’s website features a “game tape” showing how much each office is billed monthly. And the company has an employee who responds to any consumer complaints.

The company’s advertising campaign is geared toward people who don’t usually seek out dental care. Its ads feature “free” dental examinations and X-rays. The Aspen Dental website also includes a “free dental exam” link.

However, the website’s main draw is its free dental cleanings. Aspen Dental explains that this is because it’s the average amount that a new patient is billed for these services at top-producing offices.

Opening a new office nearly every week

Founded in 1998, Aspen Dental is now the world’s largest branded dental practice chain. It has nearly 550 locations in 43 states. And it’s opening a new office almost every week.

The Aspen Dental model is broken down into two parts. On the business side, Aspen Dental works with dentists to help them succeed. The company also provides them with a centralized business support system. This includes back-office services, such as hiring, training, and record-keeping.

On the patient side, Aspen Dental offers quality, affordable care to people who wouldn’t usually go to the dentist. The practice provides single-tooth implants, implant-supported dentures, and three styles of partial dentures. In addition, it has a dental lab on-site, enabling the course to make dentures at its locations.

Dr. Jahnavi Rao joins the company.

The Aspen Dental group has a streamlined appointment process. It also has a strong support team. The company also teaches its employees to look for the little stuff.

The Aspen Dental-branded independent licensed dentists own practices. These include the Aspen Dental locations in Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Arizona, Maine, and Indiana. The Aspen Dental group also operates a training center and corporate headquarters in Chicago, Illinois. The business above model resulted from a merger between Upstate Dental and East Coast Dental. The former merged with the latter in 1997.

The other obvious incarnation of Aspen’s dental care business model was its management and administrative services. Its founding CEO, Robert Fontana, is a veteran of Upstate Dental. He holds a Master of Science in dentistry from the Ohio State University. He was also a course director at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas.