A Beginner’s Guide to Buying a Green BMX Bike

This bike was created for those seeking a more aerodynamic bike suitable for ramp and transition-style riding, taking inspiration from the original Thrillseeker design while modernizing construction techniques and technologies.

This premium beginner BMX bike features a hi-tensile steel frame, durable steel fork, and fully sealed bearings throughout, including full Chromoly 3-piece cranks with Eastern grips for enhanced control and performance.


Subrosa Bikes “Altus” BMX Bike in Army Green is an entry-level complete bike designed to meet modern entry-level BMX riding requirements, featuring premium 3-piece CrMo cranks from renowned brand name CrMo, cassette hub, Rant BMX aluminum rims, and rear U-Brake. Furthermore, its frame is made of top-quality 6061 Series hydro-formed aluminum with modern geometry perfect for learning tricks and freestyle moves on a bike designed just for beginners.

The Sunday High C 29″ BMX Bike in Army Matte Green was created to be one of the most reliable 29er BMX bikes available today. Constructed from 100% Chromoly material using Odyssey’s 41 Thermal heat treating process for optimal strength while remaining lightweight. Also features bottle cage mounts for long rides as well as shorter back-end geometry compared to most 29″ frames for easier maneuvering in tight spots.


Forks are essential parts of your bike, providing stability and responsiveness when performing front-end tricks such as nose manuals or tech riding. The Avian Versus Tapered Carbon BMX Fork 20″x1 1/8-1.5″, Matte Green offers high-quality carbon construction with an internal locking system – compatible with most BMX frames with both 1″ and tapered 1-1/8″ to 1.5″ head tubes design; lightweight construction helps reduce overall weight while offering exceptional durability.

Subrosa Altus BMX Bike in Army Green is an entry-level complete bike explicitly designed to meet the needs of riders looking to learn freestyle BMX riding. Featuring quality brand components like a 3-piece CrMo crank, cassette hub, and Rant “Squad” aluminum rims – plus more – it provides riders with everything needed for a successful freestyle BMX freeriding experience.


Green BMX bikes feature seating that’s crucial to ensuring proper posture on the bike and providing comfort and support to your back. There are various kinds of BMX seats to choose from; be sure to select the ideal one based on factors like its size and padding thickness when making this decision.

There are three standard BMX seat sizes: fat, mid, and slim. Plump seats are great if you want extra padding when performing barpins; center and slim seats tend to be used more for transition riders. In addition to size considerations, style and color should also be taken into account; Kink’s Ericsson BMX seat comes with slim and fat options available as an example of this approach.

Combo BMX seat/post options provide another fantastic opportunity, being lightweight and simple to set up, offering various seat angle settings. They’re especially suitable for beginners because they come with a quality 3-piece CrMo crank, cassette hub, and Rant Square aluminum rims – making for the ideal beginner setup!

Ergon’s SMC Core Saddle is an excellent option for riders who demand luxurious cushioning and flexibility. Crafted with Ergon’s Core 3D and TwinShell technology, it combines responsive BASF Infinergy elastomer foam layers between two nylon composite shells to allow it to shift with pelvic movements to reduce back strain and pressure on sit bones, as well as features a relief channel on its rear for relief on legs.


There are various handlebar types, each offering its distinct advantages and disadvantages. Ape hanger handlebars feature a large amount of rise, putting riders into an upright riding position and necessitating longer stems to protect from heavy impact tricks and stunts. H bar handlebars, on the other hand, offer cyclists an alternative: with their front loop design, they enable cyclists to attain an aerodynamic cycling position while pedaling.

Some handlebars, such as Fly Lago Bars, are constructed using 4130 heat-treated Chromoly metal for enhanced strength and durability for performing challenging jumps and advanced stunts. Other models, like butterfly bars, come equipped with thick foam padding for increased comfort during long rides to avoid hand numbness.


An efficient set of tires is critical to making the most of your green BMX bike. BMX tires come in various colors and designs for you to personalize their appearance; most BMX tires are usually composed of rubber and designed to fit on 20″ wheels; they may be foldable or non-foldable depending on your needs; there are even specific tread patterns designed to optimize them for different disciplines – race tires typically feature thin tread patterns with blocky patterns optimized for dirt tracks while freestyle tires have thicker and more flexible tread patterns that provide better gripping when riding hard surfaces versus race tires designed thin tread patterns optimized for dirt tracks versus freestyle tires designed wider for improved grip on hard surfaces.

When purchasing tires, always pay close attention to their diameter, width, recommended PSI rating, and product label specifications.